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Lucky Duck Aviation has airplane tours that fit every budget starting at $42 per person.  Tours are offered year round 24/7 365 days a year.  Tours make great gifts for:

  • Wedding Proposals
  • Anniversaries
  • Birthdays
  • Holidays
  • Or Just Because


Tour Packages

  • Ogden City Tour*
  • Sunset Tour
  • Pineview Reservoir Tour
  • Snow Basin Tour
  • Island Tour
  • Spiral Jetty Tour
  • Salt Lake City Tour*
*Tours can be preformed at both day and night


Ogden City Tour-$42/Person

On this tour, you will see Hill Air Force Base, fly over Weber State University cruise along the Wasatch Mountains and fly over downtown Ogden.

Sunset Tour-$42/Person

Get a bird’s eye view of a beautiful breath taking view of a Utah sunset.  This flight is great for first dates, wedding proposals, or just for the fun of it.  This tour is meant for two.

Pineview Reservoir Tour-$72/Person

This tour is beautiful during all seasons.  Once you depart the airport, you’ll head up Ogden Canyon.  As you pass through the canyon, it opens up to the Eden Valley and over the Pineview Reservoir.  The tour then leads towards the North Ogden Canyon and follow the west bench of the Wasatch Mountains and over the City of Ogden.

Snow Basin Tour-$92/Person

Utah ski resorts are popular in the winter season for the dense powdery snow.  Regardless the time of year or season, this tour provides an extremely gorgeous view.  On this tour, you’ll see Ogden Canyon, Pineview Reservoir, the Eden Valley, and proceed along the Wasatch Mountains to North Ogden Canyon.

 Spiral Jetty Tour-$170/Person

The Spiral Jetty was constructed by Robert Smithson in April, 1970. Visiting Spiral Jetty is a new experience each time, in every phase of its submersion and re-emergence. The wind alters the intensity of the water’s changing colors. When viewed from the air this is an unforgettable sight. Along the way you will also pass by Fremont Island and Promontory Point.

Island Tour-$170/Person

The Island Tour departs the Ogden area and over The Great Salt Lake.  Antelope Island will be the first island you will fly over.  The 28,088 acre island may appear to be barren but, as you approach the island, you will have the chance to see several varieties of wildlife!  Deer, bobcats, coyotes, many different species of birds, and approximately 600 American Bison call this island home.  After circling Antelope Island, the tour takes you towards Fremont Island.  Examine the island closely. Fremont is home to mountain goats, wild boar, and a cow or two.

 Salt Lake City Tour-$185/Person

This tour is extremely beautiful at night however; it is still an impressive view during the daytime.  You follow the I-15 Interstate South.  Off the left wing, you will get a view of Hill Air Force Base.  As the tour continues, Salt Lake starts to come into view.  You will get a view of Lagoon Amusement Park and the Bountiful Temple.  Once over downtown, you will see the Capital, Temple Square, Red Butte Gardens, and the University of Utah (just to name a few).


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**Tours require a minimum of 2 passengers.  Maximum passengers is 3.
















***Due to Federal Aviation Regulations, certain weight limits do apply.  Lucky Duck Aviation also reserves the right to deny service to anyone that may be a safety or security threat.







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