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Cessna 172F

Solo/Rental:  $119/Hour

Dual:  $159/Hour

Ground:  $40/Hour

Private Pilot Course


Instrument Course


Commercial Pilot Course: Single


Commercial Pilot Course:  Multi

Coming Soon!!

Certified Flight Instructor (CFI): Initial



Certified Flight Instructor-Instrument (CFII)


Multi-Engine Instructor (MEI)

Coming Soon!!

Total Package


Lucky Duck Aviation uses flat rate pricing for both ground and flight training no matter what license you are working towards. This can save you tens of thousands of dollars compared to other flight schools that increase there rates substantially for instrument, commercial, multi-engine, certified flight instructor (CFI), certified flight instructor instrument (CFII), and multi-engine flight instructor (MEI) training. With Lucky Duck’s low flat rate pricing your instrument rating can be obtained at no additional charge or higher flight rate, while putting time towards the 250 hours required for your commercial license decreasing your overall costs even further.

Lucky Duck does not take any money up front, meaning you pay as you go. Lucky Duck does not charge pre- or post-flight fees, meaning that you’re only paying for the time that your instructor is there with you. Lucky Duck also does not charge a fuel surcharge. This alone can save you $3,500 or more.

Most important though is quality of instruction. Lucky Duck offers high quality instruction that prepares students for what they will face in the real world. This type of training is invaluable and makes a safer more competent pilot. Lucky Duck gives you the best of both worlds high quality
instruction at fair honest pricing.


By Lucky Duck